DocSend (Startup Program)

“When you send a document to someone, you always wonder: did they look at it, did they forward it to someone else?” Wonder no more!

DocSend is one of the best ways to send important documents providing analytics, feedback, and security for your deck. See which parts of your deck are the most engaging, which investors or clients are interested, and update your deck at any time. DocSend Spaces can also act as a deal room where professionals can house and share multiple documents in a single link.

Apply: Visit the link and enter First Name, Last Name, Email, and Company Name. After information is entered, you will receive a confirmation email begin your 6-month free trial!

Offer: As part of the DocSend Startup Program, WeWork Labs member companies will be eligible for 6-months of DocSend Standard for free (up to three seats; no credit card required). For three users using DocSend, this is a $1,170 value!

Contact: For questions or more information please contact Chris Winkler at

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Legal Pilot

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