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TheCE is a platform that captures leads and drives sales in some of the more opaque marketing channels: influencer, in-store, out-of-home, and event marketing. TheCE web app uses questions and answers to segment your audience and personalize offers.

By delivering better visibility in these channels, you can optimize your marketing mix for maximum return on spend, while generating real-time insights to better understand your customers.

Case Study

In 2018, TheCE took on a project with Oreo, aimed at increasing engagement with customers.

Check out the results!

  • 56% survey completion rate
  • 75 seconds average time on app
  • 31% share rate on social media


WeWork Labs members receive a 20% off TheCE's 'Getting Started' package, which includes...

  • Consultation to determine the best tactics to engage your audience
  • Customized engagement tool aligned with your brand
  • Real Time Analytics to optimize your marketing channels
  • 6,000 responses, a $700+ value


Visit and submit a quick questionnaire to redeem your offer.

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