Kono AI

Meet your own hassle-free scheduling assistant! Kono helps you schedule meetings & appointments anytime.

Kono is the AI Scheduling Assistant for Teams and Enterprises worldwide. Based on its NLU for scheduling and ML based engine, it has been providing various interfaces such as email bot, Slack bot and Facebook messenger bot for scheduling meetings and appointments.

Discount: We are offering a 50% discount on Kono for Teams (annual contract). Exclusive private APIs to use Kono features, including WeWork apps/webs connections. Pricing can be found here: https://about.kono.ai/pricing/

Apply: Please send an email to biz@kono.ai, with the subject: WeWork Labs. Once you send an email request, we will provide details for you.

Contact: Please contact fellow Labs member YJ Min at yj@kono.ai for more details.

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