Mile Square Labs

Expert Sales Assessment and Coaching for Startups

Mile Square Labs works with entrepreneurs in growing their company with an emphasis on sales and revenue. We know you can’t do it alone, and our team of experts has the skills, knowledge & passion to coach founders as they build their life’s work. Mile Square Labs has a team of global experts, innovative tools & cutting edge sales resources all available to WeWork Labs member companies.

Services Offered: WeWork Labs companies and founders will get an an immediate advantage when it comes to sales by working with Mile Square Labs through our services at a special discount:

(1) F.A.S.T. (Founders Assessment for Sales Trajectory) - Proven sales method that helps you know where you stand, direct areas of improvement to strengthen your sales foundation. No charge to WeWork companies (a $5,000 value).

(2) Sales Consiglieri Package - Dedicated digital communication access to a sales leader (24/7 get answers to questions, insights and solutions from a proven Mile Square Labs sales leader). Ask about our exclusive WeWork discount.

(3) Growth Partner/International Expand Package - Supercharge your existing sales efforts with dedicated Mile Square Labs sales leader for 3 months. Ask about our exclusive WeWork discount.

(4) Interim Head of Sales - You get a near-full-time interim leader of your sales efforts to make immediate improvements for 3 months. Ask about our exclusive WeWork discount.

Perk: Exclusive WeWork Labs discounts plus F.A.S.T. assessment for free (a $5000 value).

Application: to participate in WeWork Labs benefits or email to schedule an initial call today.

Contact: Preston Junger (

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