Founder Shield

Startup risk assessment and insurance analysis

Founder Shield

Founder Shield is data-driven insurance brokerage focused exclusively on rapidly evolving high-growth companies. We help over 2,000 venture-backed startups across a range of industries to build risk management programs that scale as they do. The free assessment will provide you with an understanding of your current risks and future insurance needs.

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A free consultation with a Founder Shield account executive who’ll provide guidance on:

  • Internal & externals risks for your company
  • What insurance policies companies in your industry typically need
  • Policies that come in to play different growth stages
  • General risk management tips

We’ll be able to provide a real-time breakdown of your current risks and future insurance needs. We can also share our benchmarking data to provide a roadmap on how to manage risk as your company scales.

We’ll provide point-blank advice on what you need and what you don’t. Insurance can often be lower on the priority list as your company is getting off the ground. Knowing the lay of the land can put you in a better position to scale, particularly if you’re considering raising funding.


All we need some basic company information to get started. Click the application link, fill in the form and we’ll be good to go!

Or if you'd like to speak directly with a Founder Shield representative, you can reach out to the team at