Growing Your Business

Growth comes with challenges, both expected and unexpected. These expert tips will help you navigate them successfully.

"If a team lacks trust, everything else is impossible. ‘Trust’ is actually a conglomerate of three things. Do you trust that each person on your team: Can do the job they were hired to do? Do they want to do the job they were hired to do? Do they have the time to do the job they were hired to do?" - Debbie Madden, founder and CEO of Stride Consulting.

"Growth masks a lot of management issues. When the company is growing quickly and everybody is super busy, no one has time to stop and think, is this really going to be sustainable? When the money is coming in and traction is building, you can afford to do things a little bit more fast and loose. As soon as you hit a point where either the growth slows down or the personnel that you need to bring in to support that growth ramps up, then the management costs start building up as well." - Ben Jackson, founder of For the Win.

“Most founders don't know about the Rule of Thirds—when you scale your team, every time you grow by 3X, you break all your processes and need to rebuild them. Even the way you have your meetings doesn’t work anymore. So when you go from one to three, three to nine, nine to twenty-something, you’re breaking every single process that you have and so you need to build them for scale.” - Greg Castro, Founder and CEO of Sparky + Hollywood.

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