Live well and earn free insurance


Avibra is a 100% free-to-use service specifically designed for startups that run a lean and mean operations and don’t usually offer corporate wellness and life insurance benefits. Avibra provides an integrated holistic approach to not only improve employees/contractor financial and physical well-being but also protect them and their loved ones.

It uses data science and machine learning to track individual everyday habits and lets you know what you are doing well at in areas that span across health, finances, career, relationships and your community. In the process, instead of rewarding you with points it gives you life insurance coverage that grows weekly with your positive habits - but never decreases for less ideal ones.

Perk for Labs Members

As part of WeWork member companies you will be eligible for both Freemium and Basic membership plans.

Freemium Plan
  • Well-being checkups that analyze your daily purchases & activities to identify your good & bad habits
  • Life insurance that grows weekly based on your positive habits - it starts with $5k-$10k coverage and grows weekly based on person’s positive lifestyle habits and also in-app activities. The maximum coverage you can earn in this plan is $100k and its available for those in 18-54 age group.
  • Guided meditation
  • Educational videos
  • Quizzes to improve your well-being across topics on careers, physical health, financial success, relationships and community engagement
Basic Plan ($3.99/month per user)
  • Everything under the Freemium Plan
  • Financial Well-being
    • Budgeting
    • Goal Planning (retirement, marriage, home purchases)
    • Debt Management
    • Financial Coach (chat with real humans and not chatbots)
    • Insurance Planning
  • Physical Well-being
    • Food & Nutrition
    • Lifestyle Changes
    • Health Coach (chat with real humans and not chatbots)
  • Insurance
    • Avibra Surge - Provides maximum protection to you at right place and time.

We’ll provide point-blank advice on what you need and what you don’t. Insurance can often be lower on the priority list as your company is getting off the ground. Knowing the lay of the land can put you in a better position to scale, particularly if you’re considering raising funding.


The Avibra app is available both on iOS and in the Google Play Store. Feel free to visit www.avibra.com to learn more about the platform and membership plans.

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