Flatiron School Design Services

Flatiron School Design Services

Flatiron School is offering the work of their digital design students to help you solve design challenges for your business, from user research to web and app design. Modeling after real collaborative team environments, you’ll meet with designers to provide project briefs, feedback and receive iterative and high quality deliverables, and at the end of four weeks, you will get the business and design deliverables you need. Clients receive:

  • 2–5 designers per team
  • 4-week engagements
  • 4 one hour meetings
  • Cost to you: $0

For alumni case studies and further information, refer here.

Selection Criteria

During the application process, Flatiron School assesses which clients are best-fit for their program using certain criteria related to each client’s product and business development.

As an applicant:

  • You should be able to demonstrate an understanding of your business domain and to articulate your business’s value propositions
  • You should have well-defined target users and/or customers with clearly delineated (even if not fully validated) user needs and use cases.
  • You should have a product in development (whether it be prototyped, in beta, live, or currently just existing as a non-digital manual process)
  • You should have a defined product roadmap with understanding of business backlogs and milestones
  • You should have specifically identified UX and UI design needs

Additional Perk

In order to meet the above acceptance criteria, we highly recommend you to enroll in the Flatiron School UX/UI Design Online Course for FREE.

Application Instructions

Apply to become a client here:


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