Amanda Huggins: Stress & Anxiety Management Coaching

Anxiety to empowerment....

As an Anxiety & Empowerment Coach, Amanda Huggins works with C-level leaders, small business owners, and other driven individuals to help them better navigate their anxiety and increase their capacity for both joy and productivity.

Stress and anxiety have a proven negative impact in the workplace: a recent study by Health Advocate reported that stress has a profoundly negative impact on worker productivity to the tune of $300 billion each year. That same study noted that over 1MM employees miss work each day due to stress, resulting in the average company losing hundreds to thousands each year per employee for stress-related absences.

On the flip side, proper stress and anxiety management can lead to clearer decision making, strong work-life balance, and an overall higher quality of life.

Amanda spent the first near-decade in the startup industry herself, and has an acute understanding of the environment - and how to help her clients shift their thinking. She's dedicated to helping her clients create more vibrant, fulfilled, and balanced lives. She has worked with everyone from early-stage founders preparing to get their business off the ground, to CEOs running a well-oiled machine.

Here's what a recent client (and CEO of a startup doing 30MM in revenue) had to say about working with Amanda: "Like countless others, I have struggled with mental health throughout my teens, early adulthood, and to present day, and understand the difficulty in finding the right therapeutic approach. I’ve worked with countless therapists - to varying degrees of success - but identifying one that is relatable and rooted in an actionable approach to changing both thoughts and behaviors has proved difficult. Amanda blends many of the most effective tenants of traditional therapy (including CBT), with the dynamic self-help  tenets to work with clients in a progressive and unique way.  This blend of the rational and the spiritual/emotional are a breath of fresh air for anyone looking for a better, more holistic approach to mental health in the workplace."

Amanda has been featured in numerous articles, podcasts and web series, including "Good Morning Lala Land" hosted by Dr. Erin (a Forbes Most Inspirational Entrepreneur) and "The Golden Mic" hosted by bestselling author and business coach Marc Cordon.

Discount: WeWork Labs Members are eligible for 18% off all coaching packages.

Apply: Please apply at  and Amanda will be in touch with a Potential Client Intake Form. From there, a Discovery Call will be held via Zoom to discuss the intake form and your personal needs in depth.

Contact: Learn more on Instagram: @anxietytoempowerment or on the website

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