Mux Video

Video backend infrastructure service

Mux Video is an API-first service that handles the backend infrastructure–encoding, storage, and delivery–for all of your videos. This Mux Video offer is designed to provide the WeWork Labs global startups with a simple API to advanced video streaming:

  • Post a video or live stream with a single API call, and watch it within seconds
  • Stream both Live and On Demand videos
  • Leverage best in class technology like Just-In-Time Transcoding and Per-Title Encoding for amazing video quality on every device
  • Easily generate GIFs or thumbnails from your videos

Discount: WeWork Labs members will receive $300 in free credits for Mux Video. This is enough to stream hours of live and on-demand video, for free.

Apply: Please visit and follow the instruction below:

  1. Create an account from and go through the signup process.
  2. Send an email to using the same email address you signed up with,.
  3. Get started with video streaming!

Contact: If you have any questions, please reach out to Cyril Duprat at

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