ChartMogul helps companies turn their revenue data into a source of insight and growth.

ChartMogul helps thousands of companies — from single-person startups to multinational scale-ups — turn their revenue data into a source of insight and growth. We think of ourselves as data curators. Gone are the days of figuring out what you want to track and manipulating data in Excel or SQL. With ChartMogul, we show you the metrics subscription businesses need to understand, so you can track performance and get on with running your business. You can see a brief product overview video here. The Startup Program offer entitles your startup to:

  • A $50 per month discount on any of our plans for 12 months, a total value of $600.
  • The $50 discount applies to any of our ChartMogul plans, billed monthly.
  • Note: The Startup Program is only available to new customers.

Apply: To apply, please follow these instructions:

1) Head to and sign up for a trial account.

2) Head to Admin > Billing and select any plan.

3) Click on “Have a coupon code?” and enter “asdfkjlasfdkl” in the text box. Yes, that's really the code.

4) You will see the dollar amount reduced by $50.

5) Enter your credit card data and hit purchase.

Contact: For more information, please contact Ingmar Zahorsky at

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