Global software (mobile and web) development and consulting firm

Oxeanic will help you understand, define and execute your software development needs at various stages of your company. We specialized in both in web and mobile technologies. We are an internationally oriented development agency with vast experience in making your ideas come true.

  • We prefer to work with pre-launch startups on building MVP from scratch, but are more than capable in taking over legacy projects or working side by side internal teams
  • Currently team of 4, but can scale with projects and need
  • Dedicated project manager who liaises between startup and engineer
  • Pricing ranges from $50-$70/hr and every attempt is made to keep those costs low are your company grows
  • No Python development (currently, but can source talent as needed)

Offering: As a WeWork Labs member you will receive preferential rates (~30% discount), as well as a first free consultation.

Apply: https://oxeanic.com/contact.html (please mention WeWork Labs Member in the correspondence)

Contact: If you have any questions or want to reach out directly, please contact Mauro Perelstein at mauro.perelstein@oxeanic.com (mention WeWork Labs Member in the correspondence).

To learn more about product development and teams, check out this interview with Mauro.

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