On-demand Chinese lessons from professional teachers


We are an e-learning platform. After having had real human interaction with professional Mandarin teachers, we use AI technology to supplement the learning experience with personalized reviews of the class content to extend the power of our teachers.This combination helps students to save time, focus on spoken language and build customized curriculums.

Perk for Labs Members

We offer 1 month of professional Chinese classes to all labs members who redeem the promo code "weworklabs" for 4 free classes, worth 200 RMB. Especially for labs members that are based in China, are learning Chinese from abroad or are doing business with China, this is a great opportunity to gain some first-hand skills and start with an innovative way to learn Chinese that can be done from anywhere, anytime - ensuring the highest quality of teaching!


Download the application and redeem the code. Detailed instructions on

Below are links for the different app stores:

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Rave Travel Technologies

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