Integrate clean data into your team's favorite tools with the flip of a switch instead of a bunch of one-off integrations.

Segment simplifies how startups connect their customer data to analytics and growth marketing tools. Startups use Segment to aggregate a single view of their customers across all of the points of interaction (web, mobile, email, helpdesk, push, offline data, etc) and connect this data to 250+ tools with a few clicks. This approach helps startups avoid wasting time coding each tools one-by-one and provides the customer data infrastructure to find product market fit and uncover the levers for growth.

Discount: Segment’s Team plan is free for WeWork Labs members that are <24 months in company duration and <$5M in total funding. Specifically, Segment offers:

  • Up to $50,000 in Segment credits (that’s a special WeWork deal, and is enough to track 200,000 users for free for up to two years!)
  • $1,000,000+ in partner deal value to build your analytics & growth stack (think Segment-exclusive deals with Amplitude, Intercom,, Google BigQuery, AWS Redshift, Mode Analytics, and many more..)
  • Co-founder office hours, online content, live presentations, and more.

Apply: To apply please visit and enter some basic information about your startup!

Contact: Please contact Chase Roberts at for more details.