Business development and consulting.

At SPECTRUM Business Development and Consulting we believe empowerment is the greatest gift we can give. We do this by helping our clients solve their toughest problems with a wide variety of services and tools that are personalized to meet your specific needs and helping you create and implement a step-by-step road map to reach your business goals using resources and technologies specific to your business.

Offer: As part of the SPECTRUM family, WeWork Labs members will be able to enjoy a wide variety of benefits such as;

  • Personalized business development tools and resources
  • 30% discount off consulting services
  • Discounts off regularly available books and courses
  • Personalized and private resource page on our website that is accessible 24/7
  • Advance availability
  • And discounts on all newly created products and services...

Apply: Please visit http://www.spectrumbizconsulting.com/consulting-application.html and let us know that you are a WeWork Labs member and your location.

Contact: For more information or questions, please contact Alexzandra de la Iglesia at Alexzandra@SpectrumBizConsulting.com

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