How to Follow Up with Investors You Meet in Labs

You met an investor at Labs, whether it was during a programming session, office hours, or another event, and now you want to contact them to continue the conversation. WeWork Labs head of platform Heather Leonard shares a few key tips on what to do—and what not to do—when you email them. Plus, a template you can use for your outreach.

The do’s

  • The goal is to get on the investor’s calendar, Leonard says, not make a hard sell over email. Make it clear that you’d like to meet with them again, but unless it’s your personal style to be very direct, “you don’t put a fine point on the fact that you’re seeking funding,” Leonard says. “It’s implied.”
  • Be brief. “The minute this email goes over four sentences in length, you’ve lost them,” Leonard says.
  • Remind them of who you are, where you met them, and what your company does.
  • Include a piece of information from your initial meeting, whether it’s something you learned from a presentation they gave or an interesting point from a short conversation that you had.
  • “Know who they are. If they exclusively invest in SaaS companies and you’re a CPG, the likelihood of them investing goes down,” Leonard says. “Do your homework.”

The don’ts

  • This can vary by region, but in the U.S., you generally don’t want to include investor deck in your initial email. Instead, send your executive summary or one-pager, and send it via DocSend, not as an attachment. “That way they’ll always have the most updated version of that plan because any changes you make will update in the link,” Leonard says.
  • Don’t forget to sound like a human in your email. Don’t make it overly transactional. “Investors are thinking about whether you’re someone they want to work with,” so emphasize the connection you felt when you first encountered them in Labs to stand out in their inbox.

The template

Hi [investor name],

I hope you’re well. It was such a pleasure to meet you at [event at WeWork Labs]. I really enjoyed our discussion about [topic of discussion] / I really enjoyed your session about [topic and something you learned from it]. As a follow up, here is my [executive summary or one-pager with hyperlink] about my company [insert name and mission statement or one-liner]. I’d love to get on your calendar to discuss further.

Please let me know your availability or if I should connect with your assistant to schedule.

[Sign off],
[Your name]

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