What to Expect in Office Hours with Your Labs Manager

Your Labs Manager’s office hours are a great time for you to share updates on the current state of your business, any challenges you’re facing both personally and professionally, and any feedback you may have on how we can make your experience in Labs even better.

Remember, your Labs Manager is your on-site super connector, there to help you move your business forward in any way they can. They’re well-connected in your local ecosystem and have access to the wider networks of the WeWork Labs team. They’re an incredible resource at your disposal every day, so use them accordingly!

In your meeting, your Labs Manager will take notes on next steps so they can follow up on any action items and requests. They will also update your Labs Startup Stage, if applicable.


It’s important to meet at least 1x/month with your Labs Manager so they can stay updated on your progress, challenges and requests so they can proactively help you.

Topics for Discussion

It’s up to you to create the discussion points for your office hours, but example agenda items may include:

  • Introduction requests. If there are mentors, investors, service providers, fellow members, other Labs Managers, WeWork HQ team members you want to meet, tell your Lab Manager why you want to meet them and how they could help you business.  
  • Satellite Program requests. If you’re interested in participating in Labs’ Satellite Program, which enables members to travel to other markets with the same level of programming and mentorship you receive at your home Lab, talk to your Lab Manager about it.
  • Guidance on a specific topic. Whether you’re not sure how to price your product or service, need to make a key hire and don’t know where to start, or want feedback on your investor deck, ask your Labs Manager for help.
  • User testing. If you’re ready to put your product in front of people, ask your Labs Manager about being featured in your Lab’s next User Testing session.
  • General brainstorming and iterating. No idea is too small to bounce off of your Lab Manager. Or if you need help iterating on an idea with potential, ask for their input.
  • General WeWork Labs feedback. Both your Labs Manager and the WeWork Labs Team are here to make your experience as positive and productive as possible. If you have ideas on what we could be doing better, Office Hours are a great time to share them.

Post-Office Hour

After Office Hours, make sure you close the loop on all of the action items or introduction requests you discussed with your Labs Manager and follow through on any forwardable emails. And day to day, take notes on what you want to discuss with your Labs Manager at your next Office Hours session to make your time together as productive as possible.

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