How to Make the Most of the WeWork Labs Slack Workspace

Being a part of the WeWork Labs Slack workspace will immediately connect you with the thousands of other Labs members and selected Mentors (WEIRs) worldwide active in the workspace.

Slack is a highly effective way to communicate in general, but there are specific reasons why the Labs space is so useful as a member. For example, you can use Slack to connect with fellow members, share and learn best practices with members globally, ask for feedback on your latest feature, learn about startup events, view featured content from WeWork Labs Insider, and stay on top of what’s happening in your Local Lab.

How to join the WeWork Labs Slack Workspace

By now, you should have received an email notification with an invitation from your Labs Manager to join the WeWork Labs Slack workspace. If you have not yet received an invitation or aren’t sure how to join through the invitation, ask your Labs Manager for help, and see the screenshots below.

The basics on the channels within the WeWork Labs Space Workspace

You should have been automatically added to the following channels by default when you joined the Labs workspace:

#general - This channel includes all Labs members and Labs managers globally. Use this channel to learn about global events, share best practices, and introduce yourself to fellow members.

#resources - This channel highlights and notifies you when new articles are posted to WeWork Labs Insider, as well as Labs’ tips of the day. Use this channel to share articles and tools you find inspiring and valuable.

#hiring - Share your current hiring needs and interviewing best practices in this channel. Make the conversation a two-way street by sharing candidate profiles that you found to be strong, but not quite the perfect fit for your team.

#wins - Close your round of funding or sign a big partner? Use this channel to share your recent wins and ask fellow members to amplify them for you.

#fundraising - Use this channel to ask questions and share best practices while you are going through your fundraising process.

#member_perks - Learn about new perks and discounts for Labs members, from cloud credits to gym memberships and everything in between.

You will also be prompted to join your Lab-specific channels:

#yourlab-general - Stay connected with other members in your Lab and share best practices and tips with your micro-community.

#yourlab-events - Learn about the events happening in your Lab and get reminders on when events are starting.

#yourlab-asks - Need to get your latest tweet amplified? Looking for beta testers? Seeking quick feedback on your latest feature? Post it in this channel and ask your fellow Labs members to weigh in.

#ask-a-mentor - The purpose of this channel is for you to have access to highly engaged mentors on our global WeWork Labs platform as well as to have the ability to ask mentors anything at any time. Request to be added to the slack channel here!

Feel free to join any of our Guild Slack Channels that resonate with you:

#labs-women - A channel for women to empower each other and share best practices for overcoming obstacles affiliated with gender. Keep this channel active and safe by asking questions, sharing articles, tips for investor meetings, tips for managing your team, etc.

#labs-pride -A channel for LGBTTQQIAAP members and allies to come together, ask questions, share stories, empower one another, and share best practices for overcoming obstacles and adversity.

Best practices for engaging with and using our Slack channels

  • Take the time to fill in your profile with your information and your headshot.
  • Use your full name and include your company name in parentheses so other members can easily find and connect with you. I.e. Jillian Canning (WeWork Labs)
  • If your conversation is only relevant to a few people, take it to a direct message or a smaller group thread.
  • Respect the #general channel by refraining from posting anything that is only relevant to your geography or a subset of Labs members.
  • Take a look at the other channels and see if there is a more relevant channel before posting in #general.
  • Use @mention to highlight and bring fellow members into a conversation you think they might find valuable.
  • Use your Labs-specific channels to post anything that’s specific to your Lab.
  • Share best practices often! Chances are there is a member out there who is struggling with that same thing.
  • Ask questions! Whether you are trying out new software, looking to connect with someone, or looking for feedback, ask your members for advice!

Learn more about how to navigate Slack and refer to these frequently asked questions to get started.

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Jillian Canning

Currently Sr. Programming Manager, WeWork Labs. Previously Director of Techstars NYC
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