Meet our London Labs Team: Vessela Ignatova

Every WeWork Labs location comes equipped with a feature no other space can replicate: the Labs Manager, your onsite super-connector whose job is to help you fulfill your destiny. Our Labs managers are just as diverse as the Labs and members they lead—a global team with various backgrounds, cultures, interests, and more. In this post, we’re learning a bit about Vessela Ignatova.

Name: Vessela Ignatova

Title: Labs Manager

Lab: 8 Devonshire Square, London

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Dynamic, multi-cultural, emphatic.

What did you do before you joined WeWork Labs?

I was the Head of Marketing for a robotics start up in London. Previously I worked at Uber and in VC.

What do you like best about working with early-stage startups?

The variety of challenges they face and having the opportunity to impact their development.

What do you do when you’re not helping startups succeed?

I'm traveling the world.

What’s your superpower?

I'm good at connecting people.

Share a fun fact about yourself:

My first word as a baby was "dai", which in Bulgarian means "give me." I demanded the Moon—my parents thought I was a bit ambitious.

What are some good places to grab a bite to eat near your Lab?

Petticoat Market just around the corner from the Lab.

What are your favorite things to do near your Lab?

Visit St. Katherine's docks!

If I’m a tourist in your city, what do I have to see or experience before I leave?

In London I would definitely go for a short walk around St. Katherine's docks. There is something so escapist about seeing a small harbour in a big city full of yachts.

What's your most important piece of advice for startups?

Be persistent and open-minded.

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