Impact Revolution: Social Impact for Startups

    Hey everybody! And welcome to WeWork Labs Social Impact Package for Startups. Throughout the course of this 7-part package, we will be covering many aspects of how to integrate social impact into your business – from business models & branding to marketing & media strategy and everything in between.  We've brought in some of the top experts across industry to share their knowledge and expertise with you as well.    

    We at WeWork Labs believe social impact is integral to any startups success because all of the data suggests that today's consumers are driven not just by great products and services, but by a company’s larger mission, vision, and values. "Purpose Driven Brands" can use social impact to communicate what matters to them most as founders and entrepreneurs as well as acquire and connect with their customer base at the same time. Watch this session and learn about the cultural context and data behind why social impact matters to your business now more than ever.

Learning Objectives:

  • Suggested Member Stage: All
  • You will learn the cultural context for why social impact matters now more than ever
  • You will understand the data behind why social impact is good for business
  • You will learn examples of different ways you and your business can engage with social impact.

LISTEN to the full length session

READ the full length session

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*This article does not substitute for professional advice.  Please seek a lawyer, accountant or other certified professional to advise with your business needs.

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Jessica Lauretti

Jessica Lauretti is an artist, entrepreneur and thought leader based in New York City. She has a diverse background having expertise in immersive tech, social impact and new media.
  • Brooklyn, NY
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