How to Think About Social Impact with Employee Engagement

Once we have our startup launched we need to pivot and think more operationally. How can you use social impact to think about recruitment and retention of founding partners and employees?  Watch this session to learn about how utilize social impact branding and experiences to recruit, retain, and engage your employees.


  • Suggested Member Stage: Validation
  • You will learn the benefits of having Brand & Mission for recruitment and retainment purposes (pay cut, passion)
  • You will learn about ways to drive employee engagement through social impact
  • You will learn ways to add social impact into your social corporate calendar (including through volunteerism)

LISTEN to the full session.

Learn more about expert Kelly Fisher.

Looking for More?

More Mentors: Victoria McCullough, Social Impact, Tumblr

*This article does not substitute for professional advice.  Please seek a lawyer, accountant or other certified professional to advise with your business needs.

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Jessica Lauretti

Jessica Lauretti is an artist, entrepreneur and thought leader based in New York City. She has a diverse background having expertise in immersive tech, social impact and new media.
  • Brooklyn, NY
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