Media Strategy or How to Be a Part of Conversations Around Social Issues

Social media is one of the best tools startups have to reach new customers.  But how do we leverage existing events and conversations online to connect our brand to where people are?  Watch this session to learn about different types of media, and how you could utilize them to be a part of conversations around social issues and trends online.


  • Suggested Member Stage: Growth
  • You will learn about Earned Media, Paid Media, Owned Media, and Shared Media
  • You will learn to utilize the media landscape and digital media trends
  • You will learn about Newspegging (utilizing global calendar of events, current events, holidays, etc.)

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*This article does not substitute for professional advice.  Please seek a lawyer, accountant or other certified professional to advise with your business needs.

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Jessica Lauretti

Jessica Lauretti is an artist, entrepreneur and thought leader based in New York City. She has a diverse background having expertise in immersive tech, social impact and new media.
  • Brooklyn, NY
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