WeWork Labs Social Impact Package for Startups

Welcome to WeWork Labs Social Impact Package for Startups. Throughout the course of this 7-part package, we will be covering many aspects of how to integrate social impact into your business – from business models & branding to marketing & media strategy and everything in between. We've brought in some of the top experts across industry to share their knowledge and expertise with you as well.    

We at WeWork Labs believe social impact is integral to any startups success because all of the data suggests that today's consumers are driven not just by great products and services, but by a company’s larger mission, vision, and values. "Purpose Driven Brands" can use social impact to communicate what matters to them most as founders and entrepreneurs as well as acquire and connect with their customer base at the same time.

Impact Revolution: Social Impact for StartupsWatch or listen to this session and learn about the cultural context and data behind why social impact matters to your business now more than ever.

Incorporating Social Impact into Your Startup's Mission, Vision and BrandingWatch or listen to this session to learn about how to begin to define your companies mission, vision, and brand.

Incorporating Social Impact into Your Business ModelWatch or listen to this session to learn about how to become a for-profit social enterprise and the various options for integrating social good into your business model.

How to Think About Social Impact with Employee EngagementWatch or listen to this session to learn about how utilize social impact branding and experiences to recruit, retain, and engage your employees.

Guidelines for Social Impact PartnershipsWatch or listen to this session to learn about how to find, vet, maintain, and measure partnerships with non-profit organizations.

Social Impact Storytelling Through Strategic Marketing and CommunicationsWatch or listen to this session to learn about how “cause marketing” and social impact storytelling can drive customer acquisition.

Media Strategy or How to Be a Part of Conversations Around Social IssuesWatch or listen to this session to learn about different types of media, and how you could utilize them to be a part of conversations around social issues and trends online.

Founder Impact: 5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Make the World a Better PlaceHere are five things any and every individual can do right now to make the world a better place.

Not Sure What Social Impact Mission to Incorporate Into Your Startup? Start with the UN SDGsStarting back in 2013, The United Nations worked together to develop a program called the Sustainable Development Goals which highlights 17 global issue areas to align around in the name of "peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future".

Meet 12 WeWork Labs Members Making a Difference TodayWhile social impact may be new to some of us, many Labs members are already paving the way for the future of social entrepreneurship. We asked some of them to share what motivates and inspires them to make a difference in their communities everyday.

The Head of YouTube Creators for Change on How to Combine Social Impact and Influencer MarketingWeWork Labs sat down with Paul Marvucic, Head of YouTube Creators for Change, for an interview about how to incorporate social impact into your influencer marketing campaign.

Social Impact Editorial Calendar – An editorial calendar is a list of holidays and events throughout the year that you can create and distribute content or conversation around. This calendar shows you a variety of social impact-focused holidays around the world.

FLOWi Founder Elisa Galvan Mondié: “Focusing on Your End User is Key to Achieving Greater Impact” - As the world becomes more urbanized, the need for funding for urban impact projects will only continue to grow. Elisa Galvan Mondié, founder of FLOWi and Labs member at 198 Avenue De France, is creating a platform to connect investors with the projects themselves.

YourLocal’s Daniel Ratner on Tricky Balance of Fundraising as a Social Impact Startup - Food waste is a huge problem in many developed companies. Daniel Ratner, head of growth at YourLocal and Labs member at Dumbo Heights in Brooklyn, New York, is working to be part of the solution.

Betternotstop Founder Hannah Cox on Why You Should Focus on Creating a Product You Can Be Proud of in 10 Years - Business travel can be a less than enjoyable experience. You’re often left to work out of your hotel room or a drab business center, without much opportunity to explore the new city you’re in. Hannah Cox wants to turn that experience on its head.

Junub Games Founder Lual Mayen on His Journey from South Sudan Refugee to Designing Video Games for Peace - Lual Mayen’s path is far from that of your average startup founder. And his goal for his business in anything but ordinary: Mayen wants to create and share video games that promote peace over violence.

B Corps China’s Min Han Ko on the Social Enterprise Movement in China and Helping Startups Create Impact - In China, awareness of and interest in social impact startups is still a work in progress. B Corps China’s Min Han Ko, Labs member at China Overseas in Shanghai, is working to drive that movement forward.

How Mayo Founder Allen Chan Plans to Create Connections and Reduce Loneliness Through an App - When’s the last time you struck up a conversation with a stranger sitting or standing nearby? For most people, it’s probably been awhile (if ever). Allen Chan, Mayo founder and Labs member at 1411 4th Avenue in Seattle, wants to change that.

Learn more about social impact for early-stage startups.

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