Labs Members Share their Favorite Software for Email Marketing, CRMs, Productivity, and More

The software you use behind the scenes at your startup can help accelerate your growth and supercharge your progress, if you choose it wisely. WeWork Labs 205 Hudson recently hosted a session where members shared the software they’ve chosen for their startup, and why, from CRMs and email marketing software to website and design tools and project management tools. Check out their top selections.




“I find that this is generally a very robust email and communications tool for intuitive email campaigns, tracking engagement, and scheduling templates. These are the features I use it most for. It basically is trying to take the place of an executive assistant, and it does a good job up until a point, which will vary by person. MixMax is super easy to set up, with a Google plug-in that works seamlessly on Gmail, unlike other products that are stand alone.” - Omri Stern, Jones


“ActiveCampaign is one of the most flexible CRM/marketing automation tools that I have used. The real power with the platform is how easy it is to visually create automations for ANYTHING. We use it for engagement tagging, list cleanup, site event based actions, email campaigns, sales pipeline automation, etc. In my opinion it's a way better value than Hubspot, Salesforce, or other analogous tools.” - Mike Moceri, MakerOS

Hubspot for Startups

“Been using Hubspot as a CRM tool, including sales pipeline management and triggering email communications with customers. Pros: Can easily define and change sales pipeline funnel stage details. Very easy to create custom email templates. Tracks all communication with customers well. Integrates well with Gmail and AirCall. Cons: Setting up email workflows and integrations with our own website/applications requires some thorough development work. Assigned service reps were only helpful for certain features but not for others. Very good deal for the startups who have raised less than $2MM, built with startups in mind.” - Saleem Kahn, Jones


“Highly recommend to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of general outreach. Integrates with email, phone, linkedin, and most CRMs.” - Arielle Barrow, Jones



“Will speed up email by an order of magnitude. Has every email feature you could need already built in (scheduling, read receipts, remind me to follow up, into-ing). If you email a lot, you will save a lot of time with this. Hard to put into words, but everyone I've recommended it to comes back and tells me a few days after they try it how life-changing it is.” - Zack Shaked, Command





Project Management




“We recently started using to stay organized. You can create ‘boards’ for each project, collaborate with other team members, track progress etc.” - Arielle Barrow, Jones  


“As a Saas platform, we use Jira for tracking our development progress between product, developers and QA. It's simple to use but you can get pretty advanced if you prefer. Lots of good integrations as well. After we started using it, we removed development from Trello, which was great to simplify the forever growing columns! Also as a dispersed team, it helps me to keep tabs on my team and comment from a bird's eye view without getting too granular and involved. I'm the main product person and founder so trying to keep my distance from development, Jira has helped with that.” - Chris Eriksen, Planit Easy

Pivotal Tracker


Data Management


“Pricey but insanely helpful and reliable. Great graphics, best UI I've found for product analytics.” - Zack Shaked, Command







“Retool is an incredibly powerful and intuitive tool that allows us to quickly create backend tools/widgets/apps that facilitate interaction with our databases. These tools greatly speed up our internal workflows and to have built them from scratch in-house would have taken 10x as long.” - Dan Piech, Vast

“Dashboarding tool. Build custom dashboard with forms, buttons, hooks right into your databases. I used it to build an internal web-app dashboard for fulfilling orders. If you need a functional web-app and you don't care about having it look amazing, just being functional, this is perfect.” - Zack Shaked, Command

“Retool enables you to build internal tools and dashboards at 1/10th the cost and in 1/10th the time. Literally any engineer's best friend.” - Jake Mor, FitnessAI


“Webflow allows you to code a website while you design it. While coding and HTML skills are a huge benefit, anyone technically minded could use webflow to knock out a quick website. Much more powerful than Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, etc.” - Jake Mor, FitnessAI


“Like google forms on steroids. The plugins/integrations make it very powerful. You can accept credit cards directly in a form, add a facebook pixel, or do a million other things.” - Zack Shaked, Command

“Typeform is like google forms on steroids. My favorite feature is the ability to accept credit card payments directly within the form. You can even integrate a Facebook Pixel to help with your FB ads. These two features combined with Intercom's targeted messaging feature makes for a dangerous combo.” - Jake Mor, FitnessAI




“Simple design tool. Super versatile with great templates. We used this mostly for social media posts and other simple design jobs. More important things we do in-house.” - Chris Eriksen, Planit Easy

The Noun Project

Icon Finder




“Great scheduling app. Allows people to book time on your calendar depending on availability, taking away the whole back and forth of scheduling. You can also set specific blocks that you make available for people to book, whether time of day or set amount of time you are allowing for the meeting.” - Dovi Vogel, 205 Hudson Labs Manager


“Allows you to schedule emails for a later time and will float emails that you sent that haven’t been responded to to the top of your inbox.” -  Dovi Vogel, 205 Hudson Labs Manager

“Similar to Boomerang, also provides visibility into when someone is opening up your email.” - Dovi Vogel, 205 Hudson Labs Manager


“We've been using Aircall for inbound and outbound calling efforts. Pros: Integrates well with Hubspot. Have the ability to add on multiple lines, and use local area codes from throughout the world, or commercial lines. Can easily listen to recorded calls. Both the desktop and mobile apps are super functional. Cons: Costs go up the more lines and users you add.” - Saleem Kahn, Jones


Social Media



Sprout Social



“Sends a voice note, with voice to text capabilities, to your inbox. Great for brainstorming or to capture an idea that just popped into your head.” - Dovi Vogel, 205 Hudson Labs Manager

Similar Web

“Gives you visibility into the traffic of a site. Monthly visits, avg page views, avg time on site etc. Great for content and partnership deal, to get a sense of someone’s reach.” - Dovi Vogel, 205 Hudson Labs Manager

One Tab

“Takes all the tabs you have open and condenses it into one tab that you can open at any time. Really helps you keep a cleaner browser and segment things to be looked at later without losing all the research you already did.” - Dovi Vogel, 205 Hudson Labs Manager


“Browser organizer with built in checklist feature. I use the checklist for current tasks (1-3 days of tasks). This helped us remove tasks from our overcrowded Trello boards and keep individual urgent tasks in your face every time you open a new browser.” - Chris Eriksen, Planit Easy

Revenue Cat

“Makes building a subscription app much easier, handles billing infrastructure for in app subscriptions.” - Zack Shaked, Command


“Found all my contractors here. They handle billing—no need for 1099s or anything (iOS Engineer, QA Tester, Customer Support, Accountant, UI Designer).” - Zack Shaked, Command

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Dovi Vogel

Labs Manager at 205 Hudson in New York City
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