What’s A WEIR and How to Take Advantage of Their Expertise

As a member of WeWork Labs, you’ve likely heard your Labs Manager mention your WeWork Entrepreneur in Residence,  or a WEIR, and wondered how they can support you. A WeWork Labs Entrepreneur in Residence (WEIR) is a veteran in the startup ecosystem, someone who brings experience and firsthand industry knowledge to you and your fellow Labs members. WEIRs join our Global Expert Network for a 3-month residency to provide dedicated mentorship onsite in our Labs spaces, build valuable relationships, and provide direct feedback to help you grow your business.

Your Labs Manager is responsible for identifying and bringing on a WeWork Labs Entrepreneur in Residence for your Lab. WEIRs have diverse backgrounds, so depending on your industry and the current stage of your business, you may find some of them to be more helpful than others. WEIRs could be Venture Capitalists, former founders, marketing experts, etc., but they are all brought on to help you solve specific problems within your startup, expand your network, and grow your business.

It’s important to note that WEIRs are carefully selected by Labs Managers in an effort to bring in mentors who can deliver the most value to members. If you know of or have a mentor who would be a good fit as a WEIR, please reach out to your Labs Manager for consideration.

What to expect from your WEIR:

  • Our WEIRs are available for mentorship in each Lab for at least six hours each week.
  • WEIRs are available to mentor you through office hours, workshops, or other learning sessions depending on your needs.
  • We encourage our WEIRs to meet with every member of their assigned Lab at least once during their 3-month residency, so take advantage of their time!
  • We look for WEIRs with diverse backgrounds that can be of value to various verticals and business models.

How to get the most out of your WEIR’s time in the Lab:

Take advantage of every second your WEIR is in residency by getting to know their background and being well prepared for any meetings you have with them.

  • Start by looking at their LinkedIn profile to come up with a list of questions you can ask them or topics you’d want their expertise on over the course of their residency.
  • If there are topics the WEIR has expertise on that you believe are relevant to the rest of the members at your location, ask your Labs Manager if they can host a workshop.
  • You may also consider setting up a regular cadence to meet one-on-one with your WEIR, similar to how you meet with your Labs Manager.

Our WEIRs are there to help you make your business a success, and we encourage you to use their time and experience wisely.

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Jillian Canning

Currently Sr. Programming Manager, WeWork Labs. Previously Director of Techstars NYC
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