Running an Efficient Funding Process with Foundersuite CEO Nathan Beckord

One of the many perks of being a Labs member is the ability to join any of our global webinars. These sessions, delivered by our global network of experts, cover a variety of topics for different startup stages. Whether you missed the session or just need a refresher, below you will find the webinar recording from "Running an Efficient Funding Process" delivered by Foundersuite CEO, Nathan Beckord.

Do you have a qualified list of prospective investors? Have you been connected to folks who could invest in your business? In the startup world and in an investor network, what comes next could be critical for the success of your business. Watch this session to learn about efficient funding processes, convince investors to meet with you, and most importantly, trust you to invest in your business.

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If you would like to schedule 1:1 Office Hours with this mentor, speak to your Lab Manager.

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