Labs Mentors Share 5 Tips for Building Your Network

Your network is one of the best tools at your disposal as you launch and grow your company. Here are expert tips from WeWork Labs mentors on how to grow and strengthen yours.

"Always make note of your conversations. I record quick notes on my phone about who I spoke to and how I can help them after each conversation. Then I'll follow up with a quick email that includes my relevant recommendations. It costs me nothing and it is often worth 10x to my recipient. Generosity is super attractive." - James Destinas, digital strategist and marketing consultant at tG² Digital Group.

"Are you going places where your competition is not? If you run a PR firm, why would you ever go to a networking event where other PR firms would be? Instead, find out where your target customer goes, but not necessarily for your service, and attend those networking events." - Michael Dermer, founder of The Lonely Entrepreneur.

"Know your purpose for networking. It doesn't matter whether you're looking to build relationships in a particular industry, speak to people with certain common interests, or just build a network of random, great people (which is a purpose). Define what you want and be clear about your purpose or expectations with people." - Greg Castro, founder and CEO of Sparky and Hollywood.

"LinkedIn profiles aren’t just for job search. The LinkedIn profile shapes your online reputation and extends your professional brand. LinkedIn is for branding, reputation management, thought leadership, prospecting, sales, business intelligence, and more. It's a robust tool—use it!" - Donna Serdula, founder of

"If you write a cold email, context is key. Make sure you are relevant to the person you are contacting and specify exactly how you might be relevant. I often get emails from founders writing about their offering, with no context whatsoever. If I bother to ask for context, they might reply and say they are looking to raise capital and need my help or want me to invest, or they think I might be a potential customer, or if they have no idea why they are relevant, they won't reply back. Avoid this at all costs." - Itay Sagie, cofounder of VCforYou.

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