What Does It Mean to be a Global Creator?

Entrepreneurs are all creators in their own way. They took an idea, found the resources they needed to build it out, ideated on it, and created a viable product or company. But what exactly does it mean to be a global creator? We asked the WeWork Labs team and Labs Managers from across the globe what exactly this concept meant to them.

"Someone who doesn't let outside influence prohibit their dreams and making those dreams a reality."—Heather Leonard, Head of Platform

"Someone that is so inspired by something that they take it upon themselves to build it."—Jillian Canning, Senior Programming Director

"An individual who intentionally invents products that will have a widespread impact across international markets."—Blair Dodson, Senior Business Development Manager

"A doer with ideas that are accessible and enjoyable by all (as in no one should be disadvantaged by the idea. Everyone benefits)"—Esther Lee, Senior Curriculum Manager

"A Global Creator is one that innovates across boundaries, utilizing resources, talent and identifies opportunities in order to have global impact."—Elizabeth Scallon, Head of Labs, Northwest

"A global creator looks to build something that can transcend their own community and is not constrained by any set of cultural norms. Their goal is to build something that delivers the maximum impact for the most people."—Matthew Powers, Head of Labs, US/Canada

"I would say being a Global Creator means someone who finds beauty in all facets of life; sourcing, creating and documenting memorable moments, images, movement and experiences to share with others all across the globe."—Kelly Quackenbush, Labs Manager, Food Labs NY

"It means creating an environment where everyone can thrive and be their best self. Setting an open forum to share and challenge new and old ideas. Pushing for an infinite cycle of improvement and not settling for mediocrity.  Being thoughtful with global strategies and building them in collaboration with the global team. It means being, humble and never forgetting there’s always more to learn, no matter how big the role you’re playing, how big the team you’re managing or how much money you’re getting paid."—Mila Petrova, Strategy & Operations Manager

"No matter whether you're an artist, actor, entrepreneur, musician, chef, or making videos on YouTube, Global Creators carve their own path — celebrating the things that make you uniquely YOU."—Jamie Russo, Relationship Expert

"Someone who innovates not for "me" but for "we."Luis Gonzalez, Content Creator

"Creating impact on a global scale."—Michal Ner-David, Labs Manager, Tel-Aviv

"A person who has knowledge about building companies that transcends cultures and boundaries."—Jason Choi, Software Engineer

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