5 Tips for Making Great Hires

No one succeeds alone. Here are five expert tips for building your team—from creating job descriptions and recruiting to interviewing, and onboarding.

"Put a lot of thought into how you'll conduct the interview. Prepare your questions ahead of time. Print them out and bring in a pen (no laptop notes, of course). For example, with sales, I'm asking questions around work ethic, prior success, and some type of X factor that is mix of instincts, intelligence, and curiosity." - Tom Sauer, cofounder of Mile Square Labs.

"I'm a firm believer that it's worth it to hire more experienced people and pay them more than to hire cheaper specialists. You will save money and time on their better performance and they’ll have less need to be managed by you or anybody else." - Yaakov Karda, cofounder of Chatra.io.

"Founders often assume that everyone is as independent and driven as they are. They don’t need support so they assume that the people they hire don’t either. But not every role that you’re hiring for is one that self-starters gravitate to. It’s easy to hire a super smart and entrepreneurial person to be your lead developer but it’s harder to bringing in someone like that for a test automation engineer or a quality assurance specialist—good luck turning them loose on a product without a script." - Ben Jackson, founder of For the Win, a consulting firm specializing in recruitment, onboarding, and talent retention for early-stage startups.

"Your time is important as is the candidates, so hold the first interview over a call or video conference. This helps with getting to know the candidates a little bit better and more importantly helps you shortlist the ones that you really like and want to meet for in-person interviews." - Raz Choudhury, CEO at SAM.AI.

"Use LinkedIn to search through companies you admire—you can often find great people and start a dialogue with them. Hire givers, not takers. Don’t rush, and trust your gut—finding the right candidate is more important than filling a role quickly." - Justin Holmes, VP of Marketing at 7shifts: Restaurant Scheduling.

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