Wishing You An Amazing 2020 With WeWork Labs!

2020 is here! Just like last year, we thought it would be good to pause, look back, and give thanks for what we have and reset for the new year.

It’s been a challenging year to say the least. For Labs, it was year two of operation. And while we had extreme growth plans to execute (growing from 32 Labs to 80) we also focused on rolling out startup programming at scale. As the year started, we launched our programming methodology “staging” and spent that time understanding each Labs’ members mix, calibrating events, assigning stages to content / services and guiding mentors. The ability to group our members by stage provides each Lab Manager visibility into its Labs’ startups mix, offers content that was relevant to them (not too basic and not too overwhelming) and through the Member Portal, allows founders at the same stage to connect to each other.  Login to the Member Portal today, click "Members" and select "Founders in my Stage" with over 4500 members worldwide and you’re bound to find some interesting collaborations.

We’ve also ramped up the content we offer. Insider has hundreds of articles covering events from Labs worldwide written by us or our mentors, who are now part of the Global Expert Network. This allows us to scale the information we offer and also diversify the format - editorial, audio and video.

To support startups progressing and moving from one stage to the next, we’ve put in place over 100 learning sessions like How to Create Your Brand Identity and How to Generate Leads. These are offered live on-site or via webinar and make up our growing repository of startup learning content.

Towards the end of the year, we launched the Member Portal and we are seeing growing daily usage. Just like a startup, we also started with an MVP. The first release included our Member Directory where each member can see who’s in their Lab and also get to know the global community including other founders from the same industry. Simply click the "Slack button" to initiate a conversation with founders you would like to connect with.

So what’s next? So much! We will continue to offer our learning sessions / education catalog as an online offering. Stay tuned for invites to global webinars.

We have also plans to work towards a "Member Value Report" where attendance, participation and engagement lead to meaningful insights - so expect more introductions to mentors, investors and potential clients or partners.

Wishing you and yours the best for the coming new year! We wish you health and growth and, while you take care of your business, don’t forget to take care of you!

- Osnat Benari, Head of Product and Programming WeWork Labs

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Osnat Benari

VP, WeWork Labs Programming
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