Leadership Advice from Executive Coach Ben Brooks

We recently chatted with Ben Brooks, CEO and executive coach focusing on startup and small business founders. He's also himself a tech founder of the employee coaching SaaS product PILOT. Ben is a former SVP of HR and management consultant. Hear what he's telling his clients:

1) Embrace that the world and all context has shifted: The economy, your business, customers - everything is different and we need to accept that. While it's temporary, you need to recalibrate expectations and prioritize more than ever.

2) You will get less done, accept it: Your teams will produce less. We are all dealing with being parents, new technologies, home distractions, we are worried... reset those expectations on the most important priorities. Right-size for you and your teams.

3) Communicate often: Have meetings and talk about your plans. Be there for your teams. Connect and support them and check in on a human level.

4) Take care of yourself. If you are in a position of leadership - with your family, with your company - you are taking care of a lot of people. Remember to have compassion for yourself. One thing is certain, we have never had so much coming at us so fast. Make sure that you're prioritizing self-care. Take walks and keep your rituals.

If you're interested in connecting directly with this mentor, please ask your Labs Manager for assistance.

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