Advice On Assuring Your Customers It's Business As Usual

In the past two weeks, many customers have asked how they can reassure their own customers business is as usual.

In fact, this is a great time to distinguish yourself with great service, a nice attitude and a pleasantry to lift everyone's spirits.

My advice is to do the following:

  1. Send out a short and assuring email that business is as usual and you are available for whatever they require.
  2. Provide a precise means of communication with links.
  3. Preferably this should come from the company CEO.
  4. If you are doing something special, like 24/7 availability or, a 60-day payment grace, highlight it in the subject line and the email.
  5. Try to think of something special to give your customers at this time.
  6. Communicate through all available social media outlets (if you have an account, that is).
  7. Suggestions for pleasantries: add a nice photo collage of your staff working from home, a photo of something happening around the office, or some harmless quip you saw online. Be careful not to overdo it (love those morbid jokes...).

And now for OUR something special:

If you need help drafting these messages, please contact me, Tal Harel, at I'll do it for free! Stay Healthy.

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