The Fundamentals of Engaging Your Team at a Distance

About this Session

COVID-19 has catapulted many companies into working remotely all of a sudden. Many founders and managers are focused on how to maintain team cohesion when everyone is working in physical isolation In this AMA,  Jonas Jankus gives a short introduction into the fundamentals of an engaged work force followed by answering questions on the topic. If your company is struggling with the transition to working remotely and you are looking for guidance to solve your way out of this situation, this session is perfect for you.

About this Mentor

Jonas Jankus is the Head of People at There he is responsible for all processes and activities related to growing, developing and organizing the team at Honestly. Having worked in talent management, staff development, leadership consulting and training, Jonas brings a deep expertise to the topic of doing remote work the right way.

This post is based on content from a WeWork Labs programming session. If you're interested in connecting directly with this mentor, please ask your Labs Manager for assistance.

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