Spotify Playlists To Keep You Motivated

Monica Wulff (Lab Manager, Sydney) is a former co-founder and CEO of Startup Muster, the largest survey in the Australian startup ecosystem. She's also currently the host of the Digital Love Podcast.  Ask her anything about PR and media relations, public speaking, government and enterprise focused business development, podcasting, co-founder relations. To book time with Monica, please visit the Member Portal Mentor Directory.

Music can have a big effect on our mood, which in turn affects how motivated we are and our ability to concentrate.  Here are a couple of Spotify playlist recommendations to keep you energized, but not distracted.

Chill Sundays

Don’t be fooled, this playlist isn’t just for Sundays.  It’s fluid mix of Bon Iver, Vance Joy, Ben Howard and Jack Johnson is complemented by sporadic insertions of Fleetwood Mac, Coldplay and Bowie.  Enveloped by its neighboring songs, Ed Sheeran’s ‘The A Team’ is actually listenable. My favorite is ‘Slide’ by The Goo Goo Dolls.

This is a mix for the calm and creative. Fantastic for knocking through emails, or whiteboard your thoughts.

Chill Sundays on Spotify

This is Max Richter

Classical music is great to have in the background as you work through a challenge or a difficult problem to solve, but not everyone wants to listen to Bach’s Orchestral Suite No.2 in B Minor.

Max Richter is contemporary classical and he composes for stage, opera, ballet and screen so there’s something for everyone.

This is Max Richter on Spotify

Star Wars Soundtracks

Full disclosure, I saw my first ever Star Wars film this year.  So Star Wars isn’t my thing, BUT I was blown away by the music.  We’re working with a large orchestra so there’s a similar vibe to Max Richter, but most of the playlist is filled with strong, intense, motivating scores.  If you’ve got a "drop the mic" email to write or an OG pitch to put together this is the playlist to fill you with the right energy.

Star Wars Soundtracks by Josh on Spotify

Every Restaurant Playlist

A playlist created by Hillary Dixler Canavan, the restaurant editor for Eater, where she’s kept track of the songs being played in the restaurants she was reviewing.   In a podcast interview she describes the correlation between music and the restaurant’s overall vibe, including the aesthetic and food being offered.

This ISN’T a playlist for deep work, instead it’ll carry you through some more monotonous or repetitive tasks on your to-do list.

Every Restaurant Playlist by Hillary Dixler Canavan on Spotify

What’s your favorite playlist to listen to while you work?  Share it with the community via the #general channel on the WeWork Labs slack.

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