Market Research: Beginner's Guide to Finding Your Market

About this Session

As a basis not only for your marketing and sales, but for your product and even your complete business model, this session should give you a rough guide to understand why market research is important and present simple tools to start your research today.

About this Mentor

David Wohde is a Labs Manager in Germany. David is a digital enthusiast and serial entrepreneur with  years of experience in building and scaling ventures in the B2B field. David's last, co-founded venture Acomodeo was named one of the European Top 100 Prop-Techs in 2017. As a mentor, lecturer and speaker David covers the topics of corporation innovation, digital business modeling, startup incubation, digitalisation in real estate markets, B2B marketing and blockchain.

This post is based on content from a WeWork Labs programming session. If you're interested in connecting directly with this mentor, please visit the Mentor Directory to connect with him and other mentors.

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