Loosen Up Your Mind To Avoid Losing Your Business

By: Mouna Laaragat mentor of Labs

Entrepreneurs face the pressure to deliver, to represent, to achieve, to push forward. Your desk can get as cluttered as your mind whilst you’re being pulled in all directions at once and having no time for breaks nor a proper offline lunch. In times of crisis, we tend to put our emotions aside and represent, “man up”, push and push again to keep going, lead our team, keep the business going. Being relentless is a necessary quality for entrepreneurs, and anyone in general to achieve their precious goals. We need to stay motivated, keep trying and never give up to succeed.

Whilst consistency is key to success, we need to maintain a consistent balance to ease our minds to prevent breakdowns. How can you lead a team with zero motivation level and keep your business afloat when you are convinced that you are worthless and a failure? Nobody is immune to burn outs, top motivational figures will always start their story with a note about how they were in a dark place before bouncing back. Perhaps you too have been through a rocky road before you focused on today’s goal and became determined to achieve. It is essential to remember the tools you have available to protect yourself and preserve your energy for the long run.

Think marathon: don’t sprint the first 100 meters and realise you’re out of stamina for the next mile to come. This starts with regular checks to see how you are holding up inside instead of waking up after the crisis and realising you have nothing left to fuel the rest of the journey. Your team will still need you when better times come as much as they need you now. Here’s few things you can turn to and not lose it when the world seems to fall apart:

  1. Mindfulness.

Try to connect with your feelings to live in the now. How? It’s not about turning your brain off but directing it toward healthy thoughts. Try to meditate. Allow yourself Self Checks: read the news, see how things are going outside, but not too long, then pause. Take a break. Think about how you feel after what you’ve read. Are you worried? Relieved? Question yourself about it. Then push it out to the world: talk about it, write about it, dance it off, draw it, in short: express yourself. You’ll feel better after debating on how conspiracy theories you’ve just read don’t make any sense (or do they?), but at least take the time to feel how scary it can be for people to think that or even for these to be possible.

2.  Routine.

It creates a safe space for your mind and your body. When you have a routine, you are in control. This position of control will help you feel better throughout the day and weeks to come. Set whatever routine that makes you feel good, whether it is to meditate before going to bed, doing a full workout at 6am or starting your day by serenading your partner, go for it! What works for me is weekly routines rather than daily ones. I dress smart every two days, do my nails every Monday, take a 100 squats challenge a week instead of a day etc.

3.  Healthy soul in a healthy body.

Exercising is a recurring topic when it comes to routines and breaking down the process of setting goals. It feeds the need to maintain our body in shape. A healthy body doesn’t always mean ramping up the number of gym sessions but also being aware of the impact of your sleep and alimentation. Allow 5 hours between exercising and your sleep so your body can cool down, avoid spicy food before going to bed. I always have the strangest dreams if I sleep straight after dinner, and having a light meal at night helps ease the way to morpheus - make sure to not starve yourself as that won’t help you relax either.

4. You are enough.

Whatever you achieve or not, whether you miss your target or hit it with perfection, you are enough. Try remembering that every day. Allow yourself to set mini goals through your day for some satisfaction grind to keep you positive. Set yourself a gym challenge of doing 100 abs or 100 squats a day target to reach within 30 days. It can also be achieved by setting your task list for the day, a realistic one. Instead of aiming to get new investors in for that day, aim for scheduling 3 calls for the next fortnights. Break down your goals into subgoals and so on, to attain something achievable on a regular basis and to be able to see your progress.

We cannot go from nothing to all at once. For a very long time, I could not get to stick to a routine. I have never been able to take vitamins or any supplements for more than 3 to 5 days in a row. It has taken a long time, effort and therapy to reconnect with myself and being able to take care of myself properly. When you come across tips and tricks that seem out of range, remember that each person is different. You are not a failure, this is just not the right method for you right now, don’t dwell over it and move onto something that is more attainable. Break down goals in smaller steps to see progress, set a frame to get organized and allow time for yourself, take breaks, and most importantly: stay safe.

It takes time to process that you are enough, that you are going to be able to be in a better place. Talk about it, research it, everyone has come together as a community to help each other during these times. You are not alone, you are not weak, and we will get through this successfully. There is nothing innovative here, no new science: we’re not reinventing the wheel. We just want to remember to take care of ourselves and not lose our mind during this pandemic.

Mouna is a success and growth enabler, writer and marketer who dedicated her career to facilitate a healthy growth for businesses by putting their core audience at heart.

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