A 3-Step Process On How To Use Hashtags To Find Your Purpose

By: Joey Womack (Lab Manager, Atlanta)

Hi. My name is Joey. I’m just a dude originally from Alabama that believes we have everything needed to create the change we seek, but the ecosystem of change-making organizations is highly inefficient. It's my life’s purpose to equalize socio-economic disparities by helping promising social impact startups reach their potential through high-quality introductions. My life’s goal is for those startups to collectively help 1 billion people by the year 2039.

There’s something freeing about knowing your purpose in this world. I can’t really explain, but it’s a feeling that just “fits.” It allows you to be instinctual, and move fast. It draws people and opportunities to you. Things just seem to happen.

Stick with me for a few minutes as I break down how to use hashtags, and some reflection, in 3 steps to find your life’s purpose. Trust the process. You ready? Let’s go.

Step #1: What Currently Makes You Upset?

What makes you angry? Like “keeps you up at night” angry. Like “causes you to vent to someone else” angry. Now, ask yourself why these things make you upset. Twice. Sure, it can be politics or the latest topic in the media, but I’m asking you to go deeper here.

List as many things as possible. You can cut down the list later. Now turn each answer into a hashtag.

For me, #UnrealizedPotential really makes my blood boil. It really drives my actions, and manifests itself into gravitating toward mottos like “Leave Nothing to Chance.” Moreso, it drives me to virtually never be late. Time is the one thing we can never get back, and stealing time from someone means that time’s potential never gets realized.

Step #2: Your Childhood

For the next step, let’s take it back to the old school. What activities did you really really enjoy as a kid? I’m talking about elementary school before, hopefully, the pressures of the world got to you. These activities speak to your natural interests, skills, and curiosity. If possible, enlist the help of older family members, friends, etc.

Again, list these activities in hashtag form, and think deeply about the skills involved.

When I was younger, I organized all of the sports activities in the neighborhood. My dream was to get all of the kids together to play one single game, and I almost made it happen (we were one kid short). Nobody had to force me to organize the games. I figured out how to bring people together effectively, and make it happen. I was a #CommunityBuilder.

Step #3: Your Family (BONUS)

This is a bonus step. Meaning that you complete this exercise using the first two steps, and that this step should only be done if this is possible. Take a look at the skills and/or job of your family: parents, siblings, grandparents, and/or aunts and uncles. Their skills and interests are likely in you too.

For example, my mom is a human facebook (basically a #SuperConnector that knows a lot of people), and a former #SmallBusinessCoach. Her mother was an elementary school #Teacher. And one of my grandmother’s brothers was a #SuperConnector, #Activist, #Entrepreneur, and #NightclubOwner. My father is a former #Accountant, and is currently an Environmental #Activist and #Storyteller.

Putting Your Hashtags Together

Somewhere at the intersection of these hashtags lies your purpose. List of your hashtags together, and try to create a purpose statement with them. You’ll likely rewrite the sentence 50+ times (Hint: self-reflection using mindfulness really helps here).

To recap, my hashtags are: #UnrealizedPotential, #CommunityBuilder, #SuperConnector, #SmallBusinessCoach, #Activist, #Entrepreneur, #NightclubOwner, and #Storyteller

This is a very powerful exercise that will highlight a few of your life’s inflection points. Have fun!

If you're interested in connecting with Joey Womack directly, please visit the Mentor Directory on the Member Portal or ask your Labs Manager for assistance.

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