Fundraising: For Now and For Future Rounds with Investors Yoko Okano & Minda Brusse

About this session: Angels, VCs, crowdfunding, bootstrapping... There are several different types of outside capital. It is important to understand the right type and the right time for you to seek outside financing. Additionally, it is important for you to fully understand deal terms and mechanics, and how they impact both the founders and venture today and into the future.

This session will cover calculating runway, options for outside fundraising (debt, equity, and non-dilutive options), term sheets, and capitalization tables.

About this mentor: Yoko Okano & Minda Brusse

Yoko Okano is an Angel Investor and Product Leader. She's looking to invest in early stage startups tackling real-world problems.

Minda Brusse: I've translated my startup operating experience into investing. I co-founded First Row Partners and previously held leader roles as a angel and fund manager within Grubstakes and the Seattle Angel Conference. (During the pandemic, look for us to be in the 'first row' with The $1k Project.)

What I value in others is what I aspire to myself -- a 'give first' mindset, active mentoring, ability to think critically to innovate and solve problems.

I am also passionate about civic and community service, the visual arts, and tennis.

This post is based on content from an Emerge programming session. If you're interested in connecting directly with this mentor, please ask your Labs Manager for assistance.

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