Maritime Blue Innovation Accelerator Startup Showcase

In 2019, WeWork Labs Seattle, The Port of Seattle, and Washington Maritime Blue launched Maritime Blue Innovation Accelerator. A handful of brilliant startups were selected out of over 100 for the first cohort of the Maritime Blue Innovation Accelerator and received intensive programming over a 4-month period. Startups received access to Washington Maritime Blue industry and ocean leaders alongside WeWork Labs’ global network of mentors and advisors. This was a powerful opportunity for local companies to grow and secure funding in a sector where capital is often scarce. Learn more about the program here.

In April, the cohort concluded their program with a stellar showcase, 100% online. Watch as they showcase their work and pitch their ideas to a curated audience of investors, mentors, corporate partners, and government officials. You can view each company's pitch, or scroll to the bottom to watch the entire showcase video.

Discovery Health MD offers a suite of services to improve health at every stage of a mariner’s career, reduce an employer’s risk exposure, and alleviate the fear and anxiety of providing medical care at sea.

ecoSPEARS is a cleantech solutions company utilizing green, NASA-developed environmental technology for the cost-effective, sustainable, and permanent extraction and destruction of persistent environmental toxins.

eOceans is building data and analytical software to make sure Ocean science can keep pace with business, society and ocean change.

Equll’s digital platform helps eliminate waste and inefficiencies through technological solutions that directly connect Truck Owner Operators and Shippers by automating the entire process with no hassle.

Net Your Problem provides fishing gear recycling services to fishermen and fishing companies. The collected gear is upcycled into raw plastic that’s transformed into a variety of products such as kayaks, bathing suits, carpets and office furniture.

OneForNeptune is changing the food industry with healthy, high-protein snack foods made from sustainable seafood products.

oneTank (a technology and venture spun out of Glosten) markets, sells, assembles, tests, and delivers oneTank: the simplest, smallest, lowest consumption, and least-cost ballast water treatment system.

Pure Watercraft develops high-performance electric outboard motors & battery packs to enable a new era of enjoyable, accessible, environmentally-friendly boating.

SPBES provides high power lithium ion energy storage to hybridize or electrify heavy industrial equipment. Purpose engineered for the rigours of the commercial maritime industry, SPBES is safer and longer lasting than any other product on the market.

Entire Showcase

2 teams were unable to participate in the Showcase, but were very much a part of the program. Read about them here.

Beam Reach catalyzes marine research and education about the oceans, bioacoustics, and sustainability across the critical habitat of the endangered orcas — from northern California to British Columbia — with focus on Puget Sound and the Salish Sea to empower future generations to protect our orca population.

Freeboard Sound Solutions is a technology and venture building a new engine exhaust gas after treatment system which reduces fuel consumption while also decreasing nitrogen oxides particulate matter. This technology is a lighter, smaller, less costly alternative to diesel engines.

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