How To Promote Your Business On Instagram During A Crisis

Instagram’s visual tools help keep your customers engaged while your brand works to recover from a crisis.

During a crisis, people tend to flock to social media for information, connection and entertainment. Facebook and Instagram saw a 40% increase in usage during COVID-19 as users tuned into live events, shared updates and supported one another with memes and content. Your customers are paying attention to your social media channels, but that doesn’t mean you should continue posting “business as usual” updates. Here’s how to use Instagram to communicate in times of crisis.

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Pause your promotions

Take a minute to reevaluate your planned Instagram posts. You may need to rethink what you had lined up or cancel your posts altogether. “It’s usually a good idea to pull back on anything that centers on the self-interest of the poster, like selling a product or a service, or inviting someone to a promotional event,” Tim O’Brien, founder and crisis PR consultant at O’Brien Communications, told CO–.

“During the pandemic, many brands decided not to launch new campaigns, branding initiatives or promotions since that really isn’t what people wanted to see at the time. Even if it didn’t offend, it would have fallen flat because for most people, their minds were primarily on the safety of friends, family, loved ones and even themselves,” he said.

The type of crisis you’re facing will inform your next step: communicating as openly as possible with your audience.

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