How to Successfully Manage Your Newly Remote Team

About the Session

Join our star panelists to learn about building high performing remote teams, hiring talent for remote work, transitioning smoothly from on-site to remote, and long term effects of remote work

About the Panelists

Maks Majer
CEO of ITCraftship
IT recruitment agency which operates 100% remotely, a tech recruiter and software engineer with over 14 years of experience. He was a speaker at several events like the Remote Future Summit, Codility’s Future of Tech Hiring discussion panel as well as Recruiting and engaging developers at work Webinar. He also runs a podcast “IT Crafts HR” in which he interviews successful HR managers from companies like Slido, Toggl and Basecamp.

Magda Sowierszenko
Head of Marketing & Communications at Remote-how
Together with her distributed team, she leads different marketing efforts, including management of virtual events and social media. She started her marketing tracks in corporate public relations and has since embraced a diverse range of marketing, communications, and growth hacking projects. She has worked with brands such as P&G or Amazon. She’s a Muay Thai beginner fighter and a cat-lover. At Remote-how she's responsible for the delivery of educational programs for remote managers.

Andrzej Dobrucki
Co-founder at
Remote Agile Coach and Product Owner for a number of fully remote companies over last 10 years. Earlier worked at Samsung and Bosch as Software Developer and Development Team Lead. Founder at, the only stress-free timer for business. Meditation Instructor and DJ (@soundofwakati).

This post is based on content from a WeWork Labs programming session. If you're interested in connecting directly with this mentor, please ask your Labs Manager for assistance.

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