SMART Goals 101

Making achievable goals.

SMART is an acronym used to guide your goal setting. These goals are firm targets that you strive to achieve over a set time. These goals should be thoughtfully drafted by a manager and the direct report to set the team up for success. To ensure your goals are clear and reachable, here are the simple rules to follow:

S - Specific (or simple, sensible, significant)
M - Measurable (or meaningful, motivating)
A - Attainable (or agreed, achievable)
R - Relevant (or reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based)
T - Timely (or time-based, time limited, time/cost limited, time-sensitive).

Some examples of SMART goals.

Regardless of your personality type or work life, SMART is an effective tool providing the focus you need to set your goals while also aiding in improving your ability to reach them.

Remember, be specific, attach KPIs and metrics, make it reasonable and relevant and give yourself a deadline. You got this!

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