Why You’re Not Getting The Sales Results You Want And How To Fix It

About the Session

Sales is the lifeblood of your business but it’s something that many startups struggle with. Why is that? Why does it seem so hard to acquire new customers? You’ve tried various ideas for getting new leads but nothing seems to work consistently. Even when you find a great prospect, it’s proving hard to convert them into a customer. What’s going on?

In this session, we’re going to get straight to the heart of the problem. We’ll shine a light on the things that really matter and why what you’re doing now isn’t working. It will fundamentally change the way you think about sales and give you the foundation for transforming the way you sell and the results you get.

About the Mentor

Ian Walton helps Tech Founders create a simple, laser-focused model for acquiring customers. It's called a Sales Acceleration Blueprint—focusing on the 20% of things that will deliver 80% of the results.

This post is based on content from a WeWork Labs programming session. If you're interested in connecting directly with this mentor, please ask your Labs Manager for assistance.

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