4 Key Elements Of A Successful Branding Strategy

Every business needs a branding strategy. Here are a few elements that will help you define and successfully launch yours.

For small businesses, the concept of branding can be rather vague. You might think it's all about your colors, logo and tagline — and those are certainly part of it. But the totality of what makes up a "brand" involves much more than that.

At its most basic, a brand is a set of features that distinguishes one business from another. Those features might include obvious things like your name, your visual aesthetic and the "voice" or tone of your marketing materials, as well as some more abstract elements, like your mission statement, your core values and your larger "purpose" in the world. Perhaps most importantly, it is the community of people that forms around your company.

"Your logo and website are not your 'brand,'" said Patrick Hanlon, CEO and founder of primalbranding.co and the author of “Primal Branding” (Free Press, 2011). Your brand is your fans, vendors, customers, users, consumers, guests and employees, he said. “In other words, the people who are going to say raving good things about you and give you five stars."

Taken together, all of these features differentiate you from your competitors. They are the things that make your brand its own unique entity, one that can't be replicated or found elsewhere, even if another company offers the same products or services.

To continue reading this article, please visit this link. It was originally posted by CO — by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. For more on how to Start, Run and Grow your business, please visit them at CO — by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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