Ready to Raise: Terms of the Term Sheet

In our third session we get down to the nitty-gritty of the term sheet and clarify what all those complicated legal terms actually mean. At the end of this session, you'll know which sections you should pay most attention to, and which ones could cause tension between you and your investors. We will also look at what impact the terms you're agreeing to might have on any future rounds you might raise down the line.

About the Mentor:
Currently serving as the Dean of Pierson College, which is one of 14 undergraduate residential learning communities at Yale University.

Before higher education, he worked as a venture capital investor. He is an investor in several startups and a limited partner in a venture capital fund-of-funds.

He started in the venture capital business at Silas Capital, where he served as an original member of the investment team. The focus there was identifying and partnering with talented entrepreneurs building early-stage consumer brands.

His teaching and coaching focus on new venture creation, entrepreneurship, and venture capital. He works with undergraduates and seasoned investors alike, and the material he teaches runs the gamut from investing fundamentals to advanced concepts.

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