Ready to Raise: Alternatives to Institutional Capital

Today we look at alternative sources of capital that you might not have taken into account yet. We'll consider product & equity crowdfunding, non-dilutive grants and competitions, venture debt, revenue-based investors, strategic partnerships, and customer-financed R&D.

About the Mentors:
Cheryl Campos:
Currently the director of Republic with past experience as the principal on the investment team there as well as having worked in the private financial sector as well.

Denisha Kuhlor:
With past experience at Silicon Valley Bank focusing on helping Early Stage Tech  companies from inception onward, she is also the founder of the Grasshopper Grants program. A startup founder herself she has also mentored many other founders and accelerator programs and has spoken on various topics including banking, diversity and inclusion, and technology.

Slava Rubin:
Slava Rubin is Co-founder of humbition, an early-stage operators venture fund built by founders, for founders. Slava also founded Indiegogo, a company dedicated to empowering people from all over the world to make their ideas a reality. As CEO for over 10 years from inception in 2006, Slava grew Indiegogo from an idea to over 500,000 campaigns and more than $1B distributed around the world.

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