Ready to Raise: Fundraising as a Traditionally Underrepresented Founder

Raising a funding round is never easy - and, unfortunately, the data shows that it's even harder as a member of a traditionally underrepresented group (e.g., PoC, female/non-binary). In this session, we'll hear from a panel of entrepreneurs from traditionally underrepresented groups about their experiences raising a round. What challenges did they face? Did they ask VCs about their commitments to diversity? How can members of privileged groups be better allies to underrepresented founders?

About the Mentors:

Lee Moulton: Senior B2B Sales Executive with 10+ years of expertise in developing and executing scalable strategies and tactics for B2B market penetration, revenue capture and revenue growth. Experience extends to pre-seed, seed, early growth stage, late stage and public company revenue capture and recurring revenue maintenance.

Irene Ryabaya: Co-Founder of empowering communities to scale & monetize meaningful connections. Created, led and sold the female founder-focused Monarq Incubator, a community of 12k+ founders, mentors & investors. Former Wall St. developer & oil trader.

Jean-Pierre Adechi: Currently consults for companies, leveraging his knowledge from his tried and true experiences, by supporting corporate innovation teams and working with startups looking to build sustainable and scalable customer acquisition channels. Jean-Pierre also advises on business and fundraising strategies.

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