Wired This Way Part 2: The Ambitious Creator

The Ambitious Creator is the part of you that is driven, competitive, aspiring, and competent. In this 3-part course, you will learn:

Part I: The Story » The common patterns of thinking, emoting, and behaving for the Ambitious Creator. Learn the psychology, neuroscience, and genetics influence the Ambitious Creator's powerful light and dark qualities.

Part II: The Deep Dive » The Ambitious Creator within you. Experience creative visualization and embodiment exercises that will help you understand how the Ambitious Creator shows up in your life and work — including your struggles and strengths.

Part III: The Integration » The integration plan for the Ambitious Creator within you. Learn about the perspectives and practices that will bridge your light and dark qualities.

This post is part of an 10-part series. Be sure to check it out!

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Part 10: The Existential Creator

This post is based on content from a Small Business programming session. If you're interested in connecting directly with this mentor, please ask your Labs Manager for assistance.

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