Ready to Raise: Pitch Coaching with Nathan Gold aka The Demo Coach

This is a mini-master class with practical tips and tools you can start using immediately to be more effective at pitching to investors online using tools like Zoom and Skype. By the end of this session you will be able to deliver your pitch smoothly, confidently, and convincingly!


Pitching online vs. IRL:

  • What are the differences between pitching in real life vs. online?
  • How to present to your webcam with confidence
  • How to make the best use of your voice online
  • How to come across as confident but not arrogant
  • What to do with your hands and posture while pitching
  • Dealing with the unexpected - technical difficulties etc.

Crafting an Effective Pitch:

  • How to make your pitch authentic - and convincing
  • How to make your pitch captivating - and deal with shorter attention spans online
  • How to leverage a 1:1 vs. 1:Many video pitch
  • Mastering your Q&A

About the Mentor:
Nathan Gold, also known as The Demo Coach, spends his days coaching people around the world on how to prepare for high-stakes speaking opportunities and how to harness speaking anxiety. He has delivered thousands of presentations along with thousands of hours of professional coaching. I have worked in and with small and large companies on designing, scripting and delivering more compelling and memorable presentations and product demos.

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