Investor Readiness: Understanding the VC model - with Stephan von Perger

This session is a part of the Investor Readiness Module.

We will help you understand what incentivizes VCs and how to use this to your advantage.
The questions we will cover are:
- What targets do VCs have and what incentivizes them? (ROI based on multiples and IRR)
- Who gives the VCs money? Why it matters where the money comes from (institutional investors, pension funds, super angels?)
- How are VCs structured?
- What is a fund lifecycle? (and how does that affect their risk appetite)
- When do investors need to get a return on their investment in your startup?
- And how does that impact any exit routes?
- What red flags to avoid?
- What is the difference between VCs and CVCs?
- How does the start up KPIs affect the VCs' KPIs?

Stephan von Perger's Bio: Stephan is the founder of InnovatorsRoom, a digital community for innovators, as well as an advisor to early-stage startups and innovation teams of large corporations.

Based in Berlin, he previously founded the student temp worker marketplace Zenjob, invested as VC at Wellington Partners and worked at Citymapper & McKinsey after studying Computer Science at Oxford.

Stephan also works as DJ SvP and started Nachtzeit, an electronic music event in Berlin. You should check him out on SoundCloud!!:)

This post is based on content from a WeWork Labs programming session. If you're interested in connecting directly with this mentor, please visit the Member Portal to book office hours.

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